Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stek house @ Cheras

WOW~ Eat Stek (Tonight~~)

teaching piano before eat dinner

Friday night (few week ago XP) dad & mum bring both small sister go Mid Valley eat 鼎太丰left me at home (T.T)  . I don want eat at home so i decided call cuty eat at outside . That time i thought maybe she went go with her collage friends but then she reply me that she free at night . My OS : Perfect !

Our Sms content:

Me : I free at night leh ~ want go outside eat ma ?
Cuty : Im OK , u drive car ?
Me : =.= don want ! u drive la im lazy leh ~
Cuty : I also lazy leh ~how ?
Me : Wait night see how la !

*Our translate comes from Chinese *

so i on facebook see go anything . Suddenly , the right bottom (inbox)

Our facebook content:

Cuty : What is your badget ?
Me : below Rm50
Cuty : Eat Chinese food or Westerm food ?
Me : Westerm food
Cuty : i know the place very cheap one !
Me : at where ?
Cuty : Cheras
Me : so far ~~ idk how to go wor ! the place nices ma ? like how ?
Cuty : 茶餐室
Me : mamak ?
Cuty : no la ! like restaurent la
Me : Walao~ say faster abit la~ i though is like mamak .
Cuty :no la . a nice place 
Me : u drive car & fetch me go 
Cuty : don want 
Me : i drive , u take me to the place 
Cuty : i want try ur car
Me : GOOD ! come la im lazy to drive

So the end , i drive to her house then she drive mine car & go ! Unfortunaly i didn't drive the car go cheras . Cheras very big & traffic jam ....*hate* , we finaly went to the place . 

I forget the name of the restaurent but the food is BIG & NICE ! the food come near 10 min after we order .  

Beaf Stek - mine

Chicken with Chesses in - Cuty

Drinks : Coffee & Mango


Full but the food still half

We both like 吹水because we have alot of thing to talk . but mostly is her collage happy time , i just work like an ant ,no emotional !

We din't invate LCT because i just suddenly decided eat at outside . She got call me & tell me when i free . Near the end , cuty told me that LCT got abit unhappy because we eat nice thing din't tell her . I got abit unfair her because i & cuty can meet up easy at puchong but LCT have to take LRT come to puchong , she stay abit far so have to take time to come here . SORRY!男人 

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