Friday, July 13, 2012

Sashimi ~おいしい


Is our 2nd time eat salmon at home ~ *happy* . We waiting so long to eat this salmon because of dad just went back from England . A person who didn't know how to slice salmon fish & just buy it , insane ? Unfortunaly brother is an ex-chef so he will do for us *抬起胸膛哈哈大笑*

Slice salmon fish is really difficult and trouble . Why ? because to slice this fish have to use 1hour~2hour and a lot fish bone . If didn't do properly will make u vomit & diarrhea .

2 weeks ago , sister & mum went to japanese restaurent order some sashimi , when the food is come only have 4 slice of salmon fish & is thin . My mum OS : what the heck is this ? My poor little tummy .
My mum told me that next time just buy a whole salmon fish & eat till we vomit . XD

Let's look the pix~

Leading Role : Brother aka ex-chef

*salmon fish : don't cut off my head ahhhhh *

The other part

YOHOO~ Sashimi with hot white rice .

BIG SLICE of Sashimi *yummy*

Sause with

Original sause : Japanese Soya Sause & Wasabi
The Wasabi already expired 2 years ago but is still OK

Other sause that we research

Left : Japanese Soya Souse & Garlic
taste not bad and the garlic is perfect good with the sause

Right : Plain vinegar
better eat with original sause because the taste is strong

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