Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I love how Xiaxue wrote the article about the 'THE FACES OF HATER' totally impressed me >.< !!!

They might just think that they're GOD *swaet* .

Probably i have to thank them for increase my popular in *****B**** (not in blog) . Well ~ they din notice my name but they already wrote the attitute of me !

'Do not mistaken fighting for your rights with the inability to withstand adversity. The two are not the same. 

If you catch me whimpering and whining all day long and being sad because haters are criticizing me, then fine, tell me to stop being in the public eye.

But is that what I'm doing? NO. I AM SOLVING MY OWN PROBLEMS. Just as Emma Watson should kick a pervert photographer in the face, I am delivering comeuppance to my detractors.

Let me give you another analogy of how ridiculous your statement sounds.

You have an itch. You scratch it. Some fucker comes along and says "If you cannot stand itches why are you alive? All humans itch."

Why tolerate when I can fight? Unless you somehow believe the thing I'm fighting against is justifiable and right? If you think so, then your mother is a whore. SEE? Now you find it something worth fighting against.' by XIAXUE.

Those article are found at her blog . She gonna be my Lady GAGA forever .

If i ignore them , they will become more arrogant then i should humble myself ? WHO ARE THEY ? THEY JUST NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE ME !!! FYI : OK! they have good-looking than me & opposite sex ! but their MOUTH can't stop talking negative conversation .

Neverthelass they are just a group of gossip girl !

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