Sunday, June 17, 2012

Future List : Part 1 : Travel

I should have my future list right now but i can't think what is important for me . Maybe MONEY is the most important for me even my life hahahaha ~

First thing for my future list is : Travel . I know that many people would wirte like that but is true .
I LOVE TRAVEL ~ I would buy an expensive air ticket for myself . WHY NOT ? because i love myself . Some country that have snow , i really love snow but in M'sia din't have chance even a percent ! Love four season expect summer . WHY ? already summer 365 days in M'sia , so is super enough for me .

OK ! Q&A time *bell ring*

Which place u perfer to travel ?
Travel Asia ? i think this i would put at the last trip . Travel Euro ? is would be my first trip ! Country ? erm.... Germeny ? want to drink beer XD !

Are you going alone ?
YUP !!! i should condition myself become brave & independent . Maybe i found my true love at there ? My mum would love it .

How many you should bring ?
More than one hundred thousand . Hotel , Food , Medicine even a little small tinny thing also have to use money to settle . So one hundred thousand just for backup .

More Q&A for next time on my 2nd future list !


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